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  • Carlos Tafur Porras


  • Seville, Spain

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I'm an economist with wide experience in local and regional economic analysis. For years I worked in the Development Agency of Seville (Spain) and led a team of experts that produced economic reports of the city. Currently I work as a freelance consultant.

In this website you'll find more information about my work experience. I excel at analytical and strategical thinking, and I have excellent writing skills in Spanish and English -Cambridge Proficiency level. When working in teams, whether as leader or member, I like to set up a good environment of trust and friendship, but I'm also strict when it comes to reaching goals and deadlines.

My interests include economic thinking, finance, time series analyisis, and local/regional development.

Job Experience

Drafting of the Andalusian Competitive Strategy Plan

Freelance consulting, Nov 2013 - Jul 2014

The Andalusian Competitive Strategy Plan is the main planning tool of the Andalusian regional government for the European funding programming period 2014-2020. Technical assistance for the base documents in the areas of employment, innovation, SMEs, ICT, energy and environment.

Sevilla Global , Development Agency of Seville City Council

Chief of Department of Economic Studies, Feb 2001 - Nov 2013

The Department of Economic Studies was the main supplier of local economic analysis and data in the city of Seville. I was in charge of launching and consolidating some of its best-known projects. I also was a local project manager in the Eurbest project, an European Interreg Programme.

Instituto de Fomento de Andalucía, Development Agency

Internship at the Department of Planning and Marketing, Sep 1999 - Feb 2001

Technical advisor in the Andalusian Central Balance Sheet Database and the regional guide of grants and incentives. I also carried out general analysis and reviews about the state of the regional economy and its main economic clusters.

Andalusian Ministry of Economy and Treasury

Internship at the Economic Studies Department, June 1997 - Aug 1999

Technical advisor and editor in the Quarterly Economic Review of Andalusia, the Annual Economic Report of Andalusia, and the chapter on the 'Economic Context' within the Regional Economy Budget.

Recent Projects

These are projects that I've been involved and I'm particularly proud of.

  • Barómetro de Economía Urbana

    Quarterly information about the state of the Sevillian economy

  • Empresa Sevillana

    Central Balance Sheet Database of Sevillian Companies

  • Encuesta de la Calidad en el Empleo

    Workforce survey, including information about the city's black market economy

  • Seville, an Urban Economy Open to the World

    Bilingual document on the Sevillian economy, its businesses and flagship projects


Degree in Business and Economics - 1990 - 1995

University of Malaga

Academic year abroad with the Erasmus Programme - 1993 - 1994

University of Durham - UK

Master in Environmental Tourism Management - 1996-1997

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Recent courses

R Programming - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2014

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals - University of Toronto, 2013

Introduction to Systematic Program Design - Part 1 - University of British Columbia, 2013

Social Network Analysis - University of Michigan, 2012

My Skills

Use of Excel and R for to filtering data, analysing it and producing reports and graphics for short-term economic research.

SABI is a commercial database with financial information of Spanish companies. In my previous work we used it to build upon it a Central Balance Sheet Database of Seville Metropolitan Area, exploring financial data of thousands of Sevillian companies. Aggregating by activities we could track the overall performance of different sectors in the local economy, such as tourism, retail and so on.

I've recently started to use Gephi, an open source software for visualizing and analyzing large networks.

I've been co-editor of several blogs using the Wordpress tool. I currently write in, a movie blog.

Basic grasp of HTML, CSS, Python and Racket